At its core, RETTS was developed for the needs of emergency medical care, but is quickly being adopted by other industries 

Ambulance services

RETTS Online is used in several organisations in order to improve patient safety at all levels of medical care. Our product can be used immediately at the scene of the accident which might contribute to safer pre-hospital care and a safer handover to emergency care at the hospital.

Primary healthcare

The primary healthcare sector serves a very heterogenous group of patients with a wide variety of symptoms and conditions. In emergency situations, RETTS Online functions as a decision support system for the healthcare professionals in their decision on how their patients should be further cared for and by whom.

System partners

RETTS can now be integrated into other providers’ systems and services. This includes, among other things, various medical record systems and other systems used in the pre-hospital healthcare environment. As a RETTS license holder, you have the right to use RETTS with other system providers that collaborate with Predicare AB.