About Predicare

One standard deviation increase in under-triage can increase patients’ disposition time, room-to-departure times and risk of 30-day readmission.¹ But with a lack of structured and comprehensive decision support tools, even the best medical teams make mistakes. This is where Predicare comes in.

With help from its active community of care workers, Predicare has developed, refined and improved RETTS, a digital tool that helps medical teams make secure, consistent decisions.

The feedback and development from researchers, doctors, nurses and first responders together with Predicare have moved RETTS forward to provide structure, improve communication, increase confidence and support more consistent decision making that leads to better outcomes.

Our vision

To secure, empower and support care workers and patients across the whole emergency care chain.

Our stats

Market share in Sweden
Market share in Norway
60 million+
Number of triages supported by RETTS

Our history


In 2005, a research project was started aimed at bringing structure and order in the process of triage and decision support in emergency setting. The goal was to ensure that nobody dies wating for care.


The system created – RETTS – spreads through word of mouth across Scandinavia. A growing number of doctors and nurses are trained to use it.


Predicare is formed to manage the continous updates to the tool and develop the decsion support further. The platform is digitized and integrated into medical record systems at hospitals and softeares used in ambulances.

Today, we focus on…


Building new ways to facilitate and elevate care through existing infrastructure.

Creating integration

Utilizing the power of medical coding and standards to leverage digital support.


To make life easy and create meaningful value for end-users.

Our team

Daniel Poté


Daniel Jabler


Maria Geimer


Anja Bjørneboe

Training Manager and Product Specialist Norway

Pehr Dahlbom

Customer Success and RETTS Academy Manager

Jaana Nilsson

Key Account Manager Sweden

Hampus Davidsson

Software Developer

Henrik Jernevad

Architect, Senior Software Engineer

Thomas Ohlauson

Senior Software Engineer

Frida Widelund

Software Engineer

Interested in RETTS?

Interested in RETTS?

1. Feizi, Arshya and Tucker, Anita and Baker, William, Impact of Emergency Department Workload on Triage Behavior (March 31, 2022). Available at SSRN: https://ssrn.com/abstract=4071155 or http://dx.doi.org/10.2139/ssrn.4071155