Welcome to Predicare!

Our company was established in 2011, as a result of the increasingly large interest and demands from hospitals and county councils to get access to the RETTS decision support system. We decided to run Predicare as a business in order to ensure the continuous development and long term support of our product.

Today, in the year 2020, our product RETTS holds a 80% market share in Sweden and 60% in Norway.

Our team

You are welcome to contact any of us at Predicare. We have been responsible for RETTS, Rapid Emergency Triage and Treatment System, and its further development since 2011. We are happy to answer all questions and queries about RETTS and are grateful for your feedback and suggestions for improvements.

Daniel Poté


Daniel Jabler


Pehr Dahlbom

Customer Success and RETTS Academy Manager

Anja Bjorneboe

Training manager and product specialist

Frida Widelund

Software Developer

Rickard Lantz

Software Developer

Maria Frånlund

Medical Advisor

Henrik Jernevad

Software Developer

Hampus Davidsson

Software Developer

Jaana Nilsson

Key Account Manager Sweden