What is RETTS?

Rapid Emergency Triage and Treatment System (RETTS) is a decision support system designed to assist healthcare professionals across a range of care settings. It has been used for over a decade in Nordic countries, facilitating over 60 million assessments.

RETTS supports emergency assessments using two reliable factors

Vital Signs (VS)

Vital Signs (VS) are based on the ABCDE principle that includes heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, temperature, and oxygen saturation.

Emergency Symptoms and Signs (ESS)

ESS cards are a structured set of clinical findings that are used to systematically determine a patient’s condition.

Of these two factors, the one with the shortest time-to-doctor is selected

This provides the basis for the overall assessment of the patient, which is more complete and consistent, and ensures that the patient receives the right level of response and care.

Ready when and where you need it

  • Accessible online portal
  • Supports local processes
  • Free training and education

As a flexible software-based solution, RETTS can be deployed and utilised exactly when and where emergency medical staff need it. It can be accessed on most internet-enabled devices via our online portal, making it simple to implement into an existing setup or workflow. And due to its structure, local processes can be supported by linking local and national medical guidelines to each level of care for each symptom.

To help teams get the most out of RETTS we provide training and education, included as part of every RETTS licence at no extra cost. This is done through our e-learning platform, which allows medical staff to be trained at a time and pace that suits them, and support from local trainers who can provide in-person and online training.

RETTS provides a system that is easy for trained medical staff to learn and understand, which can be reliably utilised across multiple fields to provide consistency in decision making.

Why choose RETTS?

Consistent decisions

RETTS provides a systematic and structured approach to triage that ensures every care professional uses the same robust criteria to assess the severity of each patient’s condition.

Faster action

Each ESS card contains information on how to test, monitor and manage patients. This lowers the time spent on questions on what to do with each patient.

Continuous development

RETTS is regularly updated based on the latest research and clinical guidelines to ensure it meets the changing needs of modern healthcare.

Interested in RETTS?

Interested in RETTS?